Mandolin New England Debut Performance
South Hadley Town Hall 1/15/15

Mandolin New England is a 501c3 nonprofit that performs mandolin ensemble concerts and master classes throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  

Performances may include compositions from the Renaissance period up to the 20th Century and beyond, as well as modern, local compositions by area musicians and composers.  

The Orchestra  meets several times a year for a gathering where we rehearse, eat delicious food, play and perform.  These are mandolinists from all walks of life that come together to do what they love most, play beautiful music.

“It’s fun, it’s incredibly fun, it’s thrilling … It gets your blood moving … it’s not just nine adults sitting in a room staring at notes on a page, it’s nine adults present together, breathing and listening and playing and singing. It’s a very beautiful thing.” ~ Benjamin Levy, Concert Master

If your ensemble would like to become a member of Mandolin New England, contact us.  You will be added to the mailing list and invited to attend open concerts and other events.

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